Artist spotlight: Marianas Trench

Publication date: November 19, 2015.

Marianas Trench is more than just the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. In the music world, Marianas Trench refers to the Canadian pop-punk band, formed in 2001 in Vancouver. With lead singer Josh Ramsay as the band’s front, other members include Matt Webb on guitar, Mike Ayley on bass, and Ian Casselman on drums.

Ramsay had been singing since age 13 and sought out to form his own band. He created a temporary music project with high school friends called Ramsay Fiction, which ended quickly due to Ramsay’s developing drug addiction. However, Ramsay admitted himself to rehab and was able to reform himself enough to begin Marianas Trench.

Their self-titled EP Marianas Trench was released in 2002, signed under 604 Records. Fix Me, their first full-length album in 2006, contained hits like “Say Anything” and “Fix Me.”

Between 2009 and 2013, Marianas Trench released two more albums, an EP, and toured on their own as well as alongside Simple Plan. In October of 2015, they released their sixth installment entitled Astoria.

The new album is a concept record, meaning that all of the songs flow together and create a story. Out of 17 songs, five of them are based on the 1989 film The Goonies, which takes place in Astoria, Georgia.

Ramsay mixed his personal experiences with the storyline of the film to create a blend of love, hardship, and success songs.

Marianas Trench fans will enjoy the samples that Astoria takes from their earlier albums, such as the opening of “Masterpiece Theater I” from their album Masterpiece Theater.

The group announced in September that they will be going on a “The Hey You Guys!” Tour in November. Marianas Trench has made a comeback in the pop-punk world, and their mix of old-and-new sound makes Astoria worth the listen.


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